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This is a video I filmed and edited for the Spring Creek Film Festival. The video is of my friend Trent mountain biking, and the entire video was made in one day.

This video is a short montage of clips from Summer 2016. I shot the clips throughout the summer and made the video to post on Instagram.

This is a video from my trip to Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. I traveled there with friends in Summer 2017.

This is a video I edited for a family who I am friends with. The video is from their trip to the Grand Canyon. They shot the entire video, and I edited it.

This video is a trailer I shot and edited for my friend's YouTube channel. The channel was meant to be full of hunting and fishing videos.

This is a montage of drone shots I took around Arkansas.

This is a video of my trip to New York with my family. I shot the video with my phone, and edited it to post on Instagram.

This is a video I shot with my GoPro while exploring Kings River Falls in Arkansas. I edited the video to post on Instagram.

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